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The method of presentation of contents using the hypermedia or hypertext which ultimately deliver to a web page over the World Wide Web is called web design. in simple terms, web design is the method of creating a website.

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d of presentation of contents using the hypermedia or hypertext which ultimately deliver to a web page over the World Wide Web is called web design. in simple terms, web design is the method of creating a website. The designed product, i.e. the website is then registered and broadcasted over the World Wide Web and people can access them via some web browser or various web-enabled programs or software.

Since its origin in 1991, when Tim Berners-Lee had published world's first web page about the 'World Wide Web' or W3, web designing has advanced a lot incorporating text, multimedia and various other implications. The first web page was very simple text based design containing more than a dozen links aiming to inform people about the W3. Since then web design has undergone revolutionary developments bringing renaissance in the world of marketing, business, communication, education and entertainment.

Web design has a lot to do with the web-based marketing of various business organizations. While planning a web design the developer remembers certain factors that influence the marketing effort of the business. These are- visibility or response of the website when searched by some search engines, how frequently and for how long visitors are using the site and rate of registering or buying products from the site. The informational value and overall appearance of the site influences its use and marketing of products.

The phrase ‘web design’ which invariably means the process of developing a website involves planning and materializing the strategy. The variou
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s steps involved in web design are firstly the knowledge of the purpose for which the website will be developed. One can set short or long term targets to achieve from the website depending on which further modifications and improvements will be made. The website has some targeted audience and the designer should be well aware of that group, and this is helpful to organize the informations to suit people's need. The next part is the content of the site. When the purpose of the site is clearly defined, the developer gathers all possible information relevant to the purpose or that can prove valuable for its targeted audience, and organize it on web pages. Modern browsers have different market share and therefore access of the website to viewers is restricted from being infinite. Different types of 'image file format’ may restrict the web pages from displaying as some browsers do not support them. During web designing one must be aware of these things. Then a prototype of the website is designed, the process is called documentation. This model is developed further by modification, addition or rejection of various parts. Depending on all the informations from all these steps, finally, the website is designed.

Web design requires a comprehensive knowledge and command over HTML, XHTML, XML and various other languages, graphic programs and many tools to design the websites.

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