Should I Use SEO Software? (part 1)

Part one of this two part series of articles discussing SEO software and which is best to use.

By: Mr Hanna
Search engine optimisation can be a laborious job that is why there are several tools out there to make your life easier but is their any substitute for human intervention? In this article I will go over some search engine optimisation software and tools and discuss the pros and cons of each. As I have said there are many available but automating your SEO can be dangerous as every website is different and some of the advice these tools give you can be of little help.

Directory submission software

Many webmasters feel submitting to lots of directories can help their website rank better. Unfortunately submitting to web directories can be time consuming as you have to first best identify the most suited category to your website. You then have To manually type your website title, description and keyphrases in to the web form before submitting. So to do this on a large scale can take a long time. However there is help with directory submission software, what this software will do is automatically fill in you’re the directories submission form.

All you need to do is set up the form details in advance and the software will fill in the details. The problem arises where you have to select a category as every directory has different names for their categories there are no way to automatically do this. I have seen claims by some software that it can do this for you but I don’t believe that is truly achievable. So in conclusion you can purchases software that can cut don’t the time it takes to submit to directories but there is no way at present to do
Software For Webmasters
it fully automatically.

Article submission software

The same applies to articles submission as it does to directories however the same problems arise but you should really only submit your article to one directory as duplicate content issues will arise and most article directories want the articles that they are displaying to be original so the best approach to this is just doing it manually. Although there is software available to do this but I would recommend against it for the above reasons.

Hiring a search engine optimisation company can help with choosing the best tools for your website design and they can do all the hard work for you.

This is the end of part one look out for part 2 coming very soon where I will discuss ranking checker software, Pagerank checker software and a few more besides.

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