How to make wedding photo slideshow for your wedding ceremony

Whenever you take part in a grand event or ceremony such as wedding, birthday, valentine, graduation, Christmas, you must take a lot photos as regards to this special moment. Do you just want to keep the still pictures lying silently on your hard driver? Please don’t let your photos and pictures sleep without any further usage. And take a quick action to activate your static photo. Build photos and pictures into dynamic photo slideshow and flash slideshow to present them on your website and blog

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Slideshow Maker is an easy and great slideshow software to create photo slideshow and flash slideshow. Slideshow Maker is a template-based flash slideshow authoring tools, which can help users build xml+driven flash slideshow. Slideshow Maker can support multitudinous picture formats likeJPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF and BMP. In the meanwhile, Slideshow Maker simplifies the working flow of making a photo slideshow and flash slideshow. In general, just with three steps, users can complete their amazing creation of photo slideshow and flash slideshow, the three steps can be described as the following: Add photos, Choose themes for flash slideshow, Export or Publish flash slideshow. Under each steps, Slideshow Maker allows more customization for users to tailor their slideshow, such as set transition, transition duration and photo show duration, add description and text for photo slideshow.

Take wedding photo slideshow for example, wedding is an important and holy event for all of us in our life. Everyone wants to cherish their memorable wedding moment so that they can enjoy their unforgettable memory in the rest of their life. The wedding ceremony is so precious and valuable. Thus making a wedding slideshow to recording your wedding even is urgently necessary.

Sharing your discovery, happiness and hobby is great trend in modern times along with the popularity of Internet. Sharing itself is also a great happiness and enjoyment for ourselves, because we can spread our happiness to every corner of the earth. It is very meaning. With Slideshow Maker, you can build yo
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ur interesting and meaningful photo slideshow to share with other. Wedding photo slideshow is one among most of them. Through wedding photo slideshow, you can announce your happiness to the world, and burn wedding DVD slideshow to send to friends as gifts.

Slideshow Maker is also able to create photo slideshow and flash slideshow for MySpace, Blogger, Xangan, Netvibes, Piczo. Once You upload your slideshow to Go2Album (a free photo hosting and photo sharing website), the website will generate <Embed> …</Embed> html code for you insert flash slideshow to those SNS websites. It is so great to make you SNS personal webpage and profile more attractive, and useful for socializing in those websites.

Slideshow Maker is a great tool for photographer, artist and webmaster and web developer to display their photos and creative masterpieces on their websites. Slideshow Maker provides those people an easy and intuitive solution to help them organize and show their works on website. Those generated photo slideshow and picture slideshow gives their website more interactivity and beautifulness.

Slideshow Maker allows users to add background music for photo slideshow and flash slideshow. It is a great feature for slideshow software. Picking a favorite music to match your slideshow is so wonderful, in this way you can deeply express and manifest yourself. With regards to wedding photo slideshow, you can choose wedding songs to match your wedding photo slideshow.

How to make wedding photo slideshow and wedding flash slideshow with Slideshow Maker:

Add wedding photos to Slideshow Maker. After importing wedding slideshow to Slideshow Maker, users can double-click wedding photos to edit photos basically. In this step, users are also allowed to select transition and set transition, photo show duration for each photos. Choose appropriate template. Slideshow Makers provides users with a great many different templates. Through these templates, users are able to select amazing flash template to display their wedding photo slideshow. As for the detailed setting of flash template, users can conduct some customization. Export and publish wedding photo slideshow. Slideshow Maker provides users with three different methods to publish wedding photo slideshow. Burn to DVD/CD disc, upload to go2album (a free web album host), publish to local computer and then embed to personal website.

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