Hot New Revenue Source ? New ?Key 2 Page? from NetAudioAds Pay-Per-Play

NetAudioAds has come up with a new type of ad?when the audio ad plays the listener is told to press a particular key on the keyboard which takes him to the advertiser?s website. This earns the publish an additional fee on top of the fee he earned when the ad played.

By: William Lund
The new 5 second audio ads are still in beta, running at a paltry 200,000 ads a day while they get all the bugs out of the stats reporting software, and await the BPA auditing results.

For those of you who are not yet familiar with the NetAudioAds Pay-Per-Play ad program let me give you a quick description of the program. As a webmaster or website owner you can install a small piece of code on your site, and when a visitor lands on one of your pages with the code, a 5 second long audio ad plays, and the webmaster or owner gets paid. Pretty simple. Once an ad has played, another ad won?t play for at least 3 minutes.

Your visitor doesn?t have to click anything and doesn?t leave the page. If the visitor is still on your site 3 minutes after the 1st ad played, and he refreshes the page or goes to another page that has the code installed he will hear another ad, and you get paid again.

For the publishers it?s a great program, you get paid for every ad played, the code doesn?t take up any real estate on your site, the visitor doesn?t leave your site, and extensive testing has shown that it does not drive visitors away from your site either. Since the program does not cost anything to join you are not risking anything.

On top of all that, you as a publisher can sign up more publishers an then you receive a part of the ad buy for any ads that play on their sites. It goes down one more level. You get additional money for ads played on sites owned by publishers signed up by publisher you signed up. That?s level 3 an that is where it e
webmaster publisher program
nds. It is a 3 tiered program. For ads that play on your own site you get 25% of the money the advertiser spends. For all other ads played on your down lines sites you get 5% of the ad buy.

But back to the exciting new Key2Page information. The Key2Page feature is a new type of 5 second audio ad. For the first time in Internet history a new form of action has been born? They call this action a ?key through?. A key through is like a click through, but no mouse is clicked ? A key on the keyboard is pressed instead.

At the end of the 5 second audio ad the visitor is told to press a key, (1, 2, or Z), and it will take the visitor to the advertisers web page. Apparently the advertisers love this new feature. It?s being introduced at 1.2 cents per key-press, (cost to the advertiser) as an introductory price, but it will be priced similar to Adsense ads with bids and all that. The price is expected to rise dramatically once bidding begins, and I suspect the publisher could end up getting over a penny a key-through as they call it.

The webmasters have the ability to control whether the Key2Page ads are used on their websites, and can control it down to individual pages if they wish. They have global control from the back office, a control panel, and they can control individual pages with some variables in the code on the pages. If you don?t want your visitor to leave your page then you opt to not offer Key 2 Page ads, however, from what I?m hearing, the Key 2 Page ads are going to be huge. Since it appears that early on there will be a lot more ad slots available than ads to fill them, it might be wise to allow all ads.

I listened to a Pay-Per-Play NetAudioAds conference call with Larry Host, this evening, and he informed us that the program would probably come out of beta this week, and that ad plays would be ramping up this week. They are going to be contacting registered publishers and notifying them that it?s time to put the code up on their pages if they haven?t already done so, and notifying them if they find any corrupted code etc. Larry mentioned that they felt they would be filling about half of the available ad slots by mid summer. This is getting very interesting. I am anxious to see what else they come up with over at NetAudioAds.

William Lund

Author Bio

William Lund has been building and operating web sites since 1998. Learn more about Pay-Per-Play NetAudioAds at his website: Info about 5 Second Audio Ads Information about Key 2 Page is there as well.Visit Mr. Lund?s blog: Pondering Everything

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