By: Lauren Smith
The well known web development company, Agriya Infoway, announced a number of updates on its products, last Thursday. As the popularity of their products increases by the day, and more customers line up to buy their products, the company claims they do everything they can to benefit its customers.

The following are the recently announced updates:

• Release of a new version of ‘Kootali’, their closed social networking script: It is now ‘Kootali 2.0’, integrated with a new design. The main highlight of the new version is new attractive design/layout implementations with improved user based navigations and menus. Webmasters can manage site with more ease through the improved functionalities and better organization of folders/files of Kootali. Moreover, site admin can customize templates and CSS very easily. In the previous version, only the basic functions like album creation, video upload and video organization under album are available in the Video module. But in the new version, users can upload videos, organize videos under album, maintain playlist, browse videos and categorize them under channel and tags for easy identification, giving more features for videos will surely attract more users. The language based issues focused in the older versions are also fixed along with other bugs.

On the whole, Kootali has reached a good shape with attractive features, and it helps you build a user friendly site with navigations around the site and improved menus with clarity.

• Release of a new version of ‘Anova’, their question - answer script: It is now ‘Anova 3.0’, and has been prepared using the smarty template system. While customers are satisfied with the script, there has been a demand for more features, and the developers have added the same to the upgraded script. The new features added are – ‘live valuation’, ‘add this’,
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‘pictures recommended’, ‘suggestion for similar question’ and ‘report bugs’. This will enable users to carry out a few more activities like suggesting questions and answers for members depending on what they’re looking for and recommend pictures that could be useful. The live valuation feature will reduce members’ burden greatly, by prompting appropriate the alert message near a field when members make a wrong entry or leaves the mandatory field empty. The report bug feature will help you to run bug free site, in a short-run.

• Their FLV Player, with basic features, will now be available for users to pick up free of cost. As competition gets tougher, and innumerable players are available, they have decided to let people take a taste of their player for free.

Aravind Kumar, CEO says, "We are quite confident that these updates will make our customers happy and we’re willing to do all we can for them in future as well."

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