Attention Authors and Writers: Looking for Article Sites?

There are thousands of article directories on the Internet, but how do you find them? Which ones are the best? Which sites should you avoid? This article contains some important tips and advice. Don't write another article until you read it!

By: Kathy Steinemann
There are thousands of article directories on the Internet, but how do you find them? Which ones are the best? Which sites should you avoid? Should you use automatic submission software?

This article contains some important tips and advice. Don't write another article until you read it - and be sure to check the author's resource box for a page containing links to several article sites.

Before You Start Looking for Article Directories, You Need a Great Article

Your article must be well written, interesting, and informative. Advertising hype will frustrate your audience, causing readers to scan the first few words and then disappear; your carefully crafted resource box will never generate any clickthroughs. Conscientious editors will reject such lackluster content.

What Distinguishes a Good Article Directory from the Rest of the Pack?

1. The best sites moderate all content. As a result, they provide better quality than unmoderated directories. Web owners looking for syndicated content will search these sites because they have confidence in them. The expression: 'Content is King' should actually be: Good Content is King.

2. The best article directories display submission dates with articles. An editorial containing statistics about 'current inflation' that has a three-year-old submission date will be much less valuable than one written last month.

3. Great article websites will list the most recent articles on their homepage, and may also have a comprehensive 'New Articles' section.

4. Extras such as print-friend
Software For Webmasters
ly and email-friendly pages will result in more exposure for your articles.

5. A good article directory is free - but you should be required to register before you submit or email articles. This helps to ensure that users do not abuse the system via email spamming techniques, cuts down on poor quality submissions, and allows the webmaster more control over most types of abuse.

6. The best article sites will provide SEO-friendly URLs for your articles, like: sitedomain/Articles/Finding_a_Good_Article_Directory.html, instead of something like: sitedomain/Articles?id=222

Just because an article directory is not compliant with some of the above points does not mean that you should avoid it completely - but be aware of what to look for.

'The Rest' or 'Not-So-Good' Directories

1. Everyone hates popup ads. They annoy readers and website owners looking for content.

2. Stale content will result in lower search engine rankings, less bookmarks, and fewer visits. Don't waste your time submitting to a directory that hasn't been updated in months. Niche directories will be updated less frequently than general article sites. However, the highly targeted subject matter of a niche directory will bring you quality visitors and valuable syndications.

3. Avoid websites riddled with annoying flashy graphics, advertisements that hinder your reading enjoyment, and distracting audio/video feeds that cannot be turned off. If 75% of a page is advertising, readers become disenchanted and quickly leave. In defense of article directories, however, they have to make money somehow. Expect to see some advertising - but it should be tastefully incorporated into the design.

4. Spend some time reading the articles. If all you see in a directory is content filled with self-promotional drivel and very little useful information, avoid it.

5. If a WHOIS search shows that a directory was recently registered for only one year, this may indicate a short term, low-quality, potential 'get rich quick' domain. Search engines tend to give less credibility to this type of site.

What about Automatic Submission Software?

Avoid auto submissions - unless you can find a package that will allow you to fine tune the details for each site. The package should allow you to preview submissions - and you must resist the impulse to submit to hundreds of directories. Keep it to about 50 good quality sites. Too many instances of an article appearing on the Web virtually overnight may be interpreted as spam by search engines.

How to Find Article Directories

Try the following search in your favorite search engine:

Powered by Article Dashboard

In a brilliant SEO move, Article Dashboard has made their article software free - but each directory using their programming system displays the 'Powered by Article Dashboard' link.

More searches:

list of article websites

list of article directories

directory of article websites

list of article submission sites

list of article sites

article directories

submit articles

submit articles online

... and so on. Review each directory you find, rating it based on the criteria in this article - and remember to visit the link in the author's resource box below.

Good luck with your submissions!

(c)Copyright Kathy Steinemann: This article is free to publish only if this copyright notice, the byline, and the author's note below (with active links) are included.

This page contains a list of article directories - be sure to check it out! Kathy writes articles for 1st Rate Articles and several other websites, including travel articles for 111 Travel Directory.

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